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WEB development

Web development is one of the main activities of the company C-Soft SRL.
In the present day we have several offshore development projects in collaboration with our partenres in Austria and Germany. Our specialists develop dynamic websites using the latest concepts in the field: HTML 5, CSS3, Ajax, JavaScript and liquid design. These websites are technically created exclusively by our company, using different CMS (Content Management System) to support the generation of the website. As far as the servers are concerned we are using Apache webserver and PHP for dynamic content generation.

Dynamic sites with AJAX

We have also developed web portals that are generated exclusively with JavaScript and Ajax, depending on the visitor’s activity (for instance when a client navigates on a webmail application the pop-ups will be automatically adapted to the content of their inbox activity). The complexity of these pages is very high and they contain many thousands of lines of javascript code. We also developed several modules for the CMS, which perform different functions: image galleries, codes generating information areas (weather, public information, news, summaries of blogs, Facebook accounts summaries, tag clouds etc.). and which offer in the same time administration tools that permits access in the frontend to some of the operations of the backend, too.

Liquid design

A new concept that our company uses for the design of websites is now liquid technology, that permits the rearrangement of the content according to the screen resolution. The site, that you are visiting right now is created with this concept. You can experience the benefits of the liquid design by reducing the width of the browser window. With this concept we can create websites that adapt to any device, from flat screens, tablets to mobile phones with low resolution. Thus the content of the site must be entered just once and due to the design of the page it will be readable and easy to operate on any device regardless of the resolution.

Another field of activity is the adaptation of CMS to the needs of the beneficiary. We refer here to portals designed for e-commerce or other special purposes. We can adapt the design of these specialized systems according to the requirements of the beneficiaries.

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