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IT system development

Since its constitution the company C-Soft SRL offers complete services and solutions for the elaboration, development and maintenance of the IT system of small and medium sized companies.

We have developed complex systems in the fields of health, mining, construction industry, services, trade and public administration. Our company develops these systems from the design through the development and deployment to the operational monitoring.
Among our major projects we must mention the following:

Confecția Miercurea Ciuc

The IT system developed for the factory with over 1500 employees covers the entire activity of the company. The modules for accounting, sales, design, manufacturing, product launch and personnel / payroll use a common database and communicate with each other to achieve all accounting activities and evidence required.

The City Hall of Miercurea Ciuc

The system computerizes 14 of the 15 departments of the municipality and covers almost all the activities in the Mayor’s Office. The issue of authorizations and of civil status documents, the accounting of the Mayor’s Office and that of the subordinate institutions are all fully implemented in this system. A specific characteristic of this system is that the budget of the Mayor’s Office contains besides its own budget the budgets of all the subordinate institutions: kindergartens, schools, ensembles, theatres, museum, etc. (a total number of 34 public institutions). All these budgets are summarized in the consolidated budget of the Mayor’s Office due to the system developed by our company, thus the individual budgets of these insitutions must not be reintroduced again manually.

ComKim S.A.

With branches in several counties ComKim is one of the largest retail company dealing with construction materials in the county. The system developed by our company covers all the activities of the company: wholesale, retail sale, marketing, accounting. A specific characteristic of the system is the decentralized management of the subsidiaries, the accounting being yet summarized in a centralized way.

Biooptica (Optiland SRL)

An optical company with branches in four counties Biooptica (Optiland SRL) is a retailer of eyeglasses and lenses having several stores and operating an ophtalmology clinic, too. It has stores in in the counties of Harghita, Covasna, Mures and Sibiu. The system has a centralized database which means that the stores are connected to the database by internet. The system allows the centralized monitoring of the stores, stocks and orders. Recently, the system was expanded with a module suitable for the operation of the ophthalmology clinic ran by the company that uses the common database, as well.

These examples are indicative. Since 1991 C-Soft SRL has completed more than 100 systems. All the systems were designed, planned and implemented by our company. In some of the cases our company also provided the needed infrastructure and the hardware and offered consultancy necessary to run the investment.

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