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IT consultancy

With several decades of experience, the specialists of C-Soft SRL are glad to offer assitance for our clients in the following areas:
Analysis of IT and Information Systems

Analysis of IT and Information Systems aims to find those activities in a company that can be computerized. Our company has performed such analysis in companies with 50-2000 employees. The area of activity of these companies covers a wide domain: light industry, furniture, machinery, construction and mining, wholesale and retail, service and budgetary institutions (health insurance of Harghita county, the City Hall of Miercurea Ciuc).

Drafting the logical plan of the IT system

After the analysis phase we make a proposal to the company to realize the computerization project, drafting a logical plan that contains all the features of the new system. In this phase we also elaborate the Specification needed for the tender organized for the development and implementation of the new IT system.

Procurement plans

Based on our experience we are able to develop the whole infrastructure of the equipment and we also can provide the required human resources to implement the new system. We can also offer special consultancy and assist customers in decisions on equipment and computer network purchases by making a comparative study.

Business organization project

On request we are able to develop the entire plan for the document and data flow of the new IT system and all the records necessary for the good organization of the computerized activities.

Procurement monitoring

On the client’s request we develop the IT system and if necessary we monitor the infrastructure procurement.

IT system monitoring

After implementing the system our company, on request, provides assistance for the safe operation of the system: monitoring the system components, consulting in problems related to the security and reliability of the system operation.

Technical Assistance

On request and for a monthly fee we execute technical assistance activities and we adapt the systems in compliance with the legal provisions in force.

Besides we are able to develop the IT-related technical documentation of the European Union projects. With a number of projects and analyzes made, C-Soft SRL is always a reliable partner in the development of IT projects and software developement.

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