„A step toward the future”


We have a new website.

We have completed a new website, with a modern design based on liquid technology and having a more intuitive structure. We hope that our website visitors will be able to find more easily the searched information about our activity and achievements. Please express your opinion in the contact form found on the Contact page.

A new Universe ERP module

We have completed the implementation of a management module for Biooptica ophthalmology clinic. This module performs all the recordkeeping activities of the clinic. The module helps the team to make appointments, to progamme the operations, it makes the recordkeeping of the patiens, it generates the hospital charts and it performs the accounting keeping the records of the income and of the materials used in the clinic.

A new CMS installation package

Together with our Austrian partner we have completed a new installation package for a CMS. This package is able to generate with visual tools HTML and CSS content accessible for the user without knowledge of HTML and CSS. The structure of the page is very easy to be used and it can be easily modified with graphical tools. The user can predict how the page will look like without actually viewing it in a browser. The design of these pages is liquid without requiring further interventions.

Adaptation of the accounting reports regarding the budget

Just as in the previous years, we have adapted the reporting module of the Universe SICONT to the requirements communicated by the Ministry of Finance. Almost the entire budget plan has been rewritten and we made a number of changes in quarterly reports, too. Hopefully that will be the last modification in this year:)

VAT deduction on payment

With considerable efforts we have modified the Plata module of the Universe system in complience with the new VAT collection requirements. The changes have affected the entire chain of editing, printing and filing VAT invoices and related journals. These changes required modifications in the structure of the database system. It was necessary to convert some of the data as well. This process didn’t have impact on the normal activity of our partners, and due to the perfect management it went on without disrupting our customers.

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VAT id: RO 515317
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