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Client/server solutions
  • Fat client technologies: on the client side we use Magic 4GL technology and on the server side we use a data base engine based on SQL (Oracle, MS-SQL, Pervasive SQL, MySQL)
  • • Thin client technologies: On the server side we use programs developed in Java or PHP and SQL databases and on the client-side interface browsers and programs developed in C#.
WEB Service

We use this solution for large and heterogeneous systems with many different software products, like the Mayor’s Office of Miercurea Ciuc. Different programs and heterogeneous databases are organized in a unitary structure with web-based technology. The data transfer and the communication of different softwares are accomplished with unified web services. Through these web services external systems may access the data.

Liquid design

A new concept that our company uses for the design of websites is now liquid technology, that permits the rearrangement of the content according to the screen resolution. The page, that you are navigating on, is achieved with this concept. You can experience the concept by reducing the browser window and noting the advantages of the method. The content is perfect regardless of the resolution. With this concept we can achieve websites that adapt to any device, from flat screens, tablets to mobile phones with low resolution. The content of the websites must be entered once and due to the design the page will be readable and easy to operate on any device regardless of the resolution.

Open source

Since the beginnings of Linux our company follows the evolution of open source packages. We often rely on these software packages for our systems, especially when cost-effectiveness is essential. Linux operating system through its stability is a secure platform for running other open source packages as Apache, JBoss, ActiveBPEL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.
In addition to reduced costs, these packages often provide new technologies that facilitate the development of complex systems based on Internet technologies.

For over a decade with this package is guaranteed the safe and error-free operation for our partners.

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